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                       100 ‘PULSE’ WORDS


velvet lush carnival mellifluous cosmic
mystique phosphorescence rill opulence pixie dust
ravishing glimmering luxurious shimmering toothsome
lemongrass sleek ethereal lucerne sizzling
bliss sorcery svelte hallucinatory incarnadine
tantalising placid angelic assuages dulcet
languorous arcipluvian misty-eyed lissome sensuous
alchemy lithe twirling sorbet juicy
vermilion ephemeral glowing plush elysian
tinkling salubrious paradise incarnadine owl light
supple murmurous woodsorrel svelte dewy-eyed
halcyon phantasm-grey flourishing magical sparkling
frazil placid star flash cloudberry glassy
evanescent alluring magnetism eunoia cerise
luminous crystalline soughing glamour jasper
fragrance transcendental beryl swirling aurora
serene lucid elixir cinnamon exquisite
voluptuous starless claret thaumaturgy river gazer
honey dew fuschia whirring opaline crystal
calamine elf light splendour monk hum stardust


These words are some of the most beautiful and resonant in the English language. Each one should have the effect of improving a passage of writing. A lot of them are phonoaesthetic, which means they have a quality of sound that appeals to people. That is why Tolkien, Edgar Allen Poe, Japanese, Italians and Spanish people amongst others all love the word:  CELLAR DOOR.    The fact that it is two words didn’t seem to concern them!

My own personal favourite is frazil-silver. Frazil is the archaic term for the ice crystals tumbling down a mountain stream. If there’s a better image out there than frazil-silver ice crystals cascading down a cold, birthstone-blue mountain stream, I would love to hear about it! ‘Eunoia’ is the next best. It means ‘beautiful thinking’. I hope you enjoyed the words. Write with stardust.

For much more of the above, please check out my book  Writing with Stardust which is now available on Amazon. You can also just click on the book images below.













22114535_Cover Proof.4766065-page1




22164318_Cover Proof.4766065-page-001






6 responses to “IOO Beautiful Words

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  2. What’s arcipluvian?. There is no meaning of it in oxford dictionary

    Hasna Navisha Ragoomundun
  3. Hi Hasna:
    I hope you are well. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Arcipluvian means multi-coloured like a rainbow. It’s an archaic word and has been around a long time but is no longer fashionable. Hope this answers your question. Cheers for now. Liam.

  4. This post is unbelievably helpful, especially as I’m a young aspiring writer. I’m so glad I stumbled onto this page!

  5. Hi florenceeliza:
    I hope you’re well. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s very kind of you. Hope your blog goes well. Had a quick peek at it. It shows great promise and your poem is excellent, not crappy! Cheers for now. Liam.

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