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  Describe a man is made easy with this extract from my book ‘Writing with Stardust’. 

The full 2 chapters can be seen in PDF free by clicking here:



                                 DESCRIBING MALES




LEVEL 1         LEVEL 2         LEVEL 3         LEVEL 4         LEVEL 5           OTHERS

a goatee a spade shaped beard an Abe Lincoln beard a Captain Ahab a Moses beard
a galway a devil’s fork beard a Vandyke beard a Socratic beard a Methuselah beard


1. He had a shiny goatee.

2. He had a smooth, spade shaped beard.



a bushy moustache a pencil thin moustache a toothbrush moustache a handlebar moustache a Zapata moustache
a bristly moustache a military moustache a smig a walrus moustache a D’Artegnan moustache


1. He had a dark, bristly moustache.

2. He had a dapper, military moustache.


dark stubble grainy stubble sand-rough stubble morning shadow a rime of grey
peppered stubble gritty stubble designer stubble five o’ clock shadow salt and pepper stubble


1. He had manly, peppered stubble.

2. He had manful, gritty stubble.




a-dazzle with wonder a-flicker with curiosity a-gleam with delight a-glow with love a-sparkle with mirth
a-fire with passion a-flush with triumph a-glimmer with interest a-light with joy a-twinkle with the ‘joie de   vivre’


1. They were a-dazzle with wonder over a friendly smile.

2. They were a-flicker with curiosity over a genial smile.



a dashing personality a devil-may-care outlook a vivacious personality a flamboyant character a buccaneering personality
an adventurous personality a derring-do outlook a gregarious personality a debonair character a swashbuckling personality


1. He had a dashing personality and a cosmic smile.

2. He had a devil-may-care outlook and a stellar smile.



1. He had Viking-gold hair. HAIR
2. He had bristly eyebrows. EYEBROWS
3. He had a hawkish nose. NOSE
4. He had defined cheekbones. CHEEKBONES
5. He had a concrete jaw. JAW
6. He had a Titan’s shoulders. SHOULDERS
7. He was dishy. MASCULINITY
8. He moved with a leopard-like grace. MOVEMENT
9. He had sea rover-blue eyes. EYES
10. They were almond shaped. SHAPE OF EYES
11. They were a-fire with passion. ARCHAIC WORDS FOR EYES
12. He was adventurous. PERSONALITY
13. He had a deep voice. VOICE
14. He wore ritzy clothes. CLOTHES
15. An earthy scent swirled around him. SMELL


He had a Mohican cut and scythe-shaped eyebrows. His Roman nose and half-dome cheekbones sat above an oaken jaw. His wrestler’s shoulders were part of his burly physique. He walked with a tiger like tread and his nomad-blue eyes twinkled. They were Saturn round and were a-flush with triumph after his job promotion. His derring-do personality and bass voice were a big part of his ambitious character. He always wore nifty clothes and his spicy aroma was appealing.



He was a male model and he was adored by the fairer sex for his Teutonic-gold hair. It was a casual jumble sometimes but mostly neat and flowing. His crescent-of-moon eyebrows were thin and narrow. He carried an imperious nose well and his angular cheekbones carved down towards a flinty jaw. Unusually for a model, he had a manly, Samson physique. The catwalk loved the way he glided with an athletic grace without skipping a beat.
His mariner-blue eyes were orb round and darted constantly, a-gleam with delight and the vigour of youth. They were soft, Irish eyes and swam with joy. They shone brightly, like two sapphires dipped in milky pools. Everyone commented on his vivacious character and his gentle nature. His voice could be foghorn loud when he was booming out a guffaw but it was normally mellifluous. His gap year clothes always made him appear younger than his years. The swirl of his loamy cologne had them swooning in the aisles.



He wasn’t a male model but he should have been. The lush, mother lode-gold hair he groomed so carefully had a rippling quality, a sign of his rude health. His only blemish was that he was beetle-browed and they sometimes knitted in frustration.

The aquiline nose he sported complemented his prominent cheekbones. Handsome in an understated way, his basalt jaw and Spartan shoulders spoke of strength. He possessed a latent, leonine power and always walked with purpose and authority.

People had always remarked that his best feature was his entrancing, wayfarer-blue eyes. Sloe shaped, they could shine as bright as the evening stars when they were a-light with joy. At other times, they could resemble two liquid-blue pools of flashing fire. Flamboyant of character, the room always filled with his sonorous, rumbling voice. He was also quick to crack a joke or fire off a humorous retort. His rakish clothes were a source of amusement to some, not least because they emanated an herbal smell.


A Brad Pitt look-alike: The man I met at the wedding had a touch of the Brad Pitt about him. His hair was Achilles-gold and coiffed to perfection. His eyes had the same startling clarity as a mountain stream and the lineaments of his face were in perfect proportion to each other.

He seemed moulded from a different cast as he had an androgynous look uncommon to most people. Lacquered and enamelled by the sun, he radiated energy and brio. His mountain peak cheekbones appeared chiselled into shape by a master craftsman. They were of such sharp contours, it looked as if they were sculpted and pared to perfection. With eyes as bright and spellbinding as lode stars, they bewitched all those who fell under his steady gaze. They were a-sparkle with mirth and shone like two eternity-blue jewels enwrought in snow.

For much more of the above with 5 levels to choose from, please check out my book Writing with Stardust or click any of the book images below.






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