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Describing the stars is made easy by this extract from the book ‘Writing with Stardust’.  For the stars, you should again focus on four main aspects: the colour, the reflection, the shape and using an effective simile.

Try to think of the different components that make up descriptive writing.

It then makes it so much easier to evoke a sensory piece of  descriptive writing for the reader.

If you wish to access the full chapter in PDF, click here: DESCRIBING THE STARS

In the meantime, here is the shortened version. I hope you enjoy the post.


5 different colours for the stars:

1. birthstone-blue

2. sequin-silver

3. molten-gold

4. polar-white

5. solar-yellow

The reflection of the stars:

1. flashing and flickering

2. sparkling and shimmering

3. gleaming and glittering

4. twinkling and dazzling.


3 creative similes for the stars. The stars looked:

1. …like scattered moondust in the sky.

2. …like a large hand had tossed diamond dust into the sky.

3. …like beacons of hope for all the lost souls of the world.


Stars winked at me from the endless arch of void-black beyond the moon’s corona. In places they were birthstone-blue and beautiful, all a-glitter in their heavenly finery. The ones furthest away, almost outside the span of human comprehension, were like flashing pinpricks in a veil of darkness. They had a faint, silver tint and they looked like they were the distant, glittering sparks from angel fire. All of them were beacons of hope for all the lost souls of the world, or so I thought. It seemed to me that there was a snowfall sparkling in outer space and I felt privileged to witness it.

For much more of the above, please check out my book Writing with Stardust  by clicking on any of the  book covers underneath.











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  1. You have got some impressive pieces of literature sir. Your words flow so smoothly giving vivid descriptions. The reader can easily place themselves on the scenes. I would love to acquire this great skill. Thanks for sharing your incredibly talents.

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