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Today’s post shows how to describe a witch using 10 different features.  We all think of a witch as having a broomstick, a loud cackle and the morals of a wharf rat -and we’re right! When you are writing a descriptive paragraph on a witch, it is probably better to hone in on more specific details, however. Is she looking at you in a certain way? How do her teeth and skin give an insight into her character? What colour is her hair -is it the stereotypical, pagan-black or is it much worse and straw-like? These are all the characteristics you should have prepared in your ‘mind’s eye’ (your imagination) before you start to write. Underneath are some helpful hints in describing a witch.

There are 5 levels of ability to choose your words and phrases from, as always. They range from basic english to advanced.  The first hurdle you may have to jump is choosing an adjective for her ugly features. Here are 10 to help you out. Only choose a word you are comfortable with, where possible.

She looked:

Level 1 – beastly/ monstrous

Level 2 – grisly/ ghastly

Level 3 – gruesome/ grotesque

Level 4 – hideous/ repugnant

Level 5 – execrable/ abominable

Her hair was:

Level 1 – straw-like/ lifeless

Level 2 – greasy/ grimy

Level3 – knotted/ matted

Level 4 – lank/ lice-infected

Level 5 – lustreless/ oleaginous

She had….. eyes:

Level 1 – feline (of a cat, cunning eyes)/ serpentine (of a serpent, hooded eyes)

Level 2 – leonine (of a lion, fierce eyes)/ lupine (of a wolf, savage eyes)

Level 3 – vulpine (of a fox, wily eyes)/ taurine (of a bull, wild eyes)

Level 4 – simian (of an ape, ferocious eyes)/ saurian (of a lizard, lidded eyes)

Level 5 – anguine eyes (of a snake, calculating eyes)/ arachnid (of a spider, pitiless eyes)

She had a…..nose:

Level 1 – hawkish/ hooked

Level 2 – barbarous/ vulturous

Level 3 – cob/ bulbous

Level 4 – pug/ snub

Level 5 – raven’s/ misshapen, raptor’s

Her voice was:

Level 1 – gravelly/hissing

Level 2 – jeering/ grating

Level 3 – raspy/ wheezing

Level 4 – a sickly, grainy/ a sibilant

level 5 – a grit-and-gravy/ a vile, cackling

She had…..teeth:

Level 1 – buck-toothed/ gapped

Level 2 – jagged/ serrated

Level 3 – broken-glass/ filed-down

Level 4 – saw-toothed/ crenelated

Level 5 – snaggle-toothed/ tombstone

She had…..eyebrows:

Level 1 – bushy/ cruel and jagged

Level 2 – bristly/ brambly

Level 3 – beetle-browed/ hirsute

Level 4 – sickle-shaped/ scythe-shaped

Level 5 – fireworshipper-black/ shaped like fish hooks

Her eyes were…..

Level 1 – blazing with hatred/ flaming with anger

Level 2 – flashing with cruelty/ gleaming with cunning

Level 3 – glinting with hostility/ glittering with violence

Level 4 – shimmering with spite/ shining with malice

Level – scorching with odium/ smouldering with vengeance

Her face was:

Level 1 – faded/ care-worn

Level 2 – time-decayed/ time-gashed

Level 3 – seasoned/ effete

Level 4 – time-chiselled/ time-decayed

Level 5 – world weary/ wizened

Other features:

1. She had thin, bloodless lips.

2. She had skin like snakeskin leather.

3. She had dead-fish eyes.

4. She had a wart the size of a saucer on her nose.

5. She had the manners of a bin-fly.

6. She had pitted and pockmarked skin.

7. She had skin as cold and white as a winter’s moon.

8. She had facial hairs as tough as boar bristles.

9. She had arthritic, spindly legs, like an old spider.

10. Her skin had a zombie-white, colourless pall to it.

I hope you enjoyed the descriptions above. They are designed to breathe life into your story. I will pick out some words or phrases from each section, in sequence, and we will see what a sample paragraph would look like.

The billion-fold hiss of water dripping echoed in the cave. I kept going, even though I didn’t have a torch and I was hopelessly lost. It was casket-black down here and I was afraid that I mightn’t make it out alive. I thought I could hear a murmuring in the distance and when I moved towards the sound, I was thrilled to see a light shining. My fear turned to horror when I gazed upon the old crone inside.

She was hideous of appearance, mumbling to herself with that dreamy, ghastly smile. Her hair was lank and lustreless, falling around her like strings of rotting straw. A cauldron bubbled slowly in the corner, leaving off the most infernal and rancid vapours. Bits of frogs’ legs, bat wings and eyes of newt were scattered around the floor of the cave. Her lupine eyes, savage and cunning, only came to life when she muttered certain arcane words from a spell. They perched above her hawkish and hooked nose. From it sprang the most preposterous wart. It was at least the size of a saucer. It would have been funny if the scene wasn’t so Stoker-esque.

Her wheezy, cackling voice rose higher and higher as she neared the end of her incantation. A row of teeth, blackened and broken into stubs, like old tombstones, lay below her fireworshipper-black eyebrows. They hinted at her cruelty as they arced up and over her dead-fish eyes like sickles. Those eyes suddenly shimmered with the spite of a thousand years as she turned fully towards me and pinned me with her gaze. She traced a leathery tongue around her thin, bloodless lips while she looked me up and down from crown to ankle. Her spindly, arthritic legs moved rapidly, like an old spider, covering the distance between us in a flash. I was transfixed. I couldn’t move my arms or legs. I was the fly in the web.

She leaned her face towards mine and I could smell the mildewy and sickly passage of her breath. ” Dinner is served”, she whispered.

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  1. im doing this for homework and i dont think she meant this much but ive got some good ones. i will always come here for stuff like this!!!!

    • Hi Jenny. It’s great that you got some value from the website and that it helped your homework. I have describing monsters but I never got around to describing a goblin as Tolkein got there before me! Thanks for the nice comment and I will keep uploading more descriptions. Thanks and ‘bye for now.

  2. cool website

  3. i hope that you have describing a goblin and a monster

  4. thanks helped a lot with my stupid horror story writing for English (I hate english)

  5. Hi MaHum:
    I hope you are well. Sometimes I hate it too! Thanks for taking the time to post a comment and I wish you the best. ‘Bye for now.

  6. Thanks. I finally have more words to describe a witch for my English assignment 🙂

    • Hi Lxnvr:
      I hope you are well. Thanks for the kind comment. I’m delighted that it helped you with your English assignment. Thanks again for the nice comment and be well. Liam.

  7. really helped with English homework

  8. Hi Jeff:
    I hope you’re well. Thanks for leaving the really nice comment. I’m glad you’re happy with the post and I will keep uploading this type of information. Cheers for now. Liam.

  9. Hi Jeff:
    I hope you’re well. Thanks for the nice comment and I’m glad it helped you. ‘Bye for now. Liam.



  12. Hi Zahra:
    I hope things are well with you. Thank you for taking the time to make a comment. I’m delighted the post helped you and best of luck with your English language homework.’Bye for now. Thanks.Liam.

  13. Love it Liam………..thanks so much. Great writing. You can check out my poetry and writing if you wish at

  14. Hi Vanitalott:
    I checked out your site and really enjoyed the description of the bobcat and the poem of the same name. Hope you find the joie de vivre you’re looking for. Cheers for now. Liam.

  15. thanks it helped mriad. This info i needed for writing my own novel thanks. i got more description

  16. Hi Rana:
    I hope you are well. Thanks for the kind comment and I hope your novel goes well for you. Cheers for now and Merry Christmas.

  17. Thank you for the information😀😀
    Helps me allot in my Creative Writing😅😅

  18. Hi quin gu:
    Thank you for taking the time to comment and I’m glad it helped you with your creative writing. Cheers for now. Liam.

  19. Writing about witches in fantasy YA novels. Many depict Witches as strong positive female communities. I needed some good traditional descriptions to use to show the contrast. Thanks for your phrases! Interested in checking out your other works.

  20. Hi Kristy. I hope you are well. Thanks for the thumbs up and it’s great to hear from another aspiring writer. Wishing you the best with the YA novels and glad I could be of some small help. Thanks again for the nice comment. Cheers for now. Liam.

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