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Describing a mountain is made easy with this post. This extract comes from my new book and workbook on Amazon. It is the ultimate descriptive guide for students and teachers. Check it out by clicking this title: Writing with Stardust or any of the book covers at the end of the post.

You can see the full chapter with the Level 4 and 5 story in PDF by clicking here: Describing Mountains

Thanks, as always, for all the nice comments. God bless for now. Liam.




  LEVEL 1              LEVEL 2            LEVEL 3            LEVEL 4            LEVEL 5             OTHERS

dove-white mountains seashell-white mountains flour-white mountains angel-white mountains halo-white mountains
bone-white mountains vampire-white mountains phantom-white mountains lice-white mountains fang-white mountains


1. The dove-white mountain soared into the sky.

2. The seashell-white mountain jutted into the sky.

3. The phantom-white mountain reared into the sky.

4. The lice-white mountains were sombre and towered over us.

5. The fang-white mountains were brooding and loomed over us.



crashing rumbling booming grumbling bellowing
clapping roaring trundling growling thundering


1. I heard a clapping sound and a huge wall of snow crashed down.

2. Rumbling and roaring, a wave of white surged down the mountain side.

3. A deep, booming noise erupted and the flank of the mountain became a chute of white.

4. We heard a sinister, growling sound and a cascade of white thundered down the mountain.

5. A bellowing sound rent the air and a tsunami of snowsluiced down the flank of the mountain.



crinkled crumpled knotted grizzled rumpled
wrinkled craggy jagged gnarled rugose


1. The wrinkled mountains were cocoon quiet.

2. The craggy mountains were Zion quiet.

3. The nirvana quiet mountains had jagged peaks.

4. The knobbly face of the mountain was grizzled and sacristy quiet.

5. We gazed up at the rugose and rough-hewn mountains with a sense of awe. They were mysterious and catacomb quiet.


sky-punching sky-stabbing heaven-touching snow-cloaked snow-wreathed
sky-piercing sky-spearing heaven-kissing snow-hooded snow-festooned


1. A ring of snow covered the sky-punching mountain.

2. A bracelet of snow topped the sky-spearing mountain.

3. A brooch of snow draped the heaven-kissing mountain.

4. The snow-hooded mountains were encased in a necklace of white.

5. The snow-festooned mountain peaks were embalmed with tiaras of powdery snow.



ankle leg hip shoulder crown
foot knee elbow neck furrowed brow


1. The mist grabbed at the ankle of the mountain.

2. The sly mist snatched at the leg of the mountain.

3. The crafty mist clutched at the elbow of the mountain as it passed.

4. The cunning mist fumbled atthe mountain’s neck with its filmy tentacles.

5. The insidious mist ensnared the crown of the mountain.


                    LEVEL 1: BASIC SENTENCES

1. The mountains were bone-white.

2. A wall of snow came crashing down.

3. The mountains were crinkled at the top.

4. They were sky-piercing.

5. The foot of one mountain was covered in mist.



The mountains were vampire-white. A wave of white snow went rumbling down the sides. They were all crumpled at the base. They were sky-stabbing at the top. The legs of the mountains were very wide. The peaks of the mountains were like harpoon tips. They were shrouded in ghost-grey mist. The air was chilling and numbing. We could smell a pot roast being cooked. We tasted some and it was stellar.


                       LEVEL 3: CREATIVE PARAGRAPHS

The serrated mountains loomed in the distance. We made our way towards them as we had to make base camp by nightfall. They were flour-white and brooded over the land. Just as we approached, a chute of snow detached itself and went trundling down one of the mountains. It slid over the knotted edge and then went crashing into the chasm below. The silence that followed was spine chilling. It froze our marrow to think that we would be climbing in those conditions tomorrow.

The heaven-touching apex of the mountain was drenched in brilliant light. Spikes of thin light impaled the snow in a bristling, moving line. We assumed that the heat had displaced the snow from the hip of the time chiselled mountain. All across our line of sight, the tips of the mountain range stuck up like a row of thorns. Swaddled around them were necklaces of powdery snow. The air became arctic cold as we came closer to base camp. The unmistakable whiff of chargrilled lamb wafted to our noses. Dinner that night was cosmic.


For much more of the above, please check out my book Writing with Stardust or any of the book covers underneath.














22114535_Cover Proof.4766065-page1





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23 responses to “Describing A Mountain

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  1. Can you tell us on how to describe an ancient palace…Pls

  2. Hi Azwaar:
    I hope you are well. I haven’t even thought about describing a palace but I might just make it my next post as I see it as a challenge. It should be available next Wednesday or Thursday. I hope this suits. Cheers. Liam.

  3. Hello, Liam. Never mind, the palace description is nothing to me now. I just want you to decribe a snow avalanche and a snow storm? Can you pls post it ? Thanks

  4. Hi Azwaar:
    How are you? I hope you’re well. You might find what you’re looking for by typing in ‘Describing the arctic’ and my post will be the first one you see. It gives a list of useful words and phrases and a Level 1,3 and 5 post in a sentence/paragraph/essay format. It should do the trick. I hope it is what you are looking for and best of luck with your writing. Cheers for now. Liam.

  5. Thank you soooo very much, Liam!!!

  6. Hi Azwaar:
    You are very welcome and I’m glad it helped. Be well. Liam.

  7. Hmmm….can I use a few words for my writing? I hope that it is not considered as plagiarism…

  8. I just wanted to ask you that how do you describe a windy day

  9. And a last question, how would you describe a night sky?

  10. Hi Azwaar:
    I hope you are well. ‘Describing a windy day’ can be accessed by typing in ‘Describing a storm’ and my website should be on the first page of Google. Type on ‘Describing the stars’ and you will see my site on the first page of Google also. I hope this helps. As for using a few of my words in your writing, feel free. Thanks for the comments and be well. Liam.

  11. Thanks this really helped on my school work.

  12. Hi jayjay:
    I hope you are well. You’re very welcome and thanks for taking the time to comment. I wish you the best with your schoolwork. Take care for now. Liam.

  13. how do describe music

    pollution big papa
  14. Hi there:
    How are you? I’m afraid that you’ve asked me the one question I probably can’t answer! I never studied music so I hope you can find the answer somewhere on another site. Apologies and happy hunting with that! Cheers for interacting with my blog. ‘Bye for now. Liam.

  15. Hi! Can u help me with my homework??
    it about describing a forest fire. I only have a paragraph…so far.
    its really hard.

  16. Hi Aysha:
    I hope you are well. I don’t really help people with their homework. However, if you’re badly stuck, use the same formula for every piece of description.

    COLOUR: rainbow-orange, dragon blood-red and molten-gold.

    SOUND: crackling, spitting, creaking, spluttering and hissing.

    ACTION: blazing, swept and jumped.

    METAPHORS: the fires of hell, an inferno and an unholy bonfire.

    PERSONAL REACTION: blood-curdling scream, skin-crawling and spine-chilling.

    Then you can write another paragraph something like this:

    The fire seemed to be a living thing as it swept towards me. It breathed flame in many colours: rainbow-orange, dragon blood-red and molten-gold. It was spine-chilling to see it jump from tree to tree, crackling the pine cones and hissing with anger. My skin crawled as it blazed into the sky like an unholy bonfire. Choking, I tried to outrun it , but the fires of hell seemed to be behind it. It spat and spluttered; trees creaked and collapsed and I knew I was doomed. I let out a blood-curdling scream. Just then, I saw a helicopter through the sooty smoke. Risking everything, I jumped from the cliff edge…..

    I hope you find it useful or that it gives you other ideas. Take care for now. Liam.

  17. hello, loamyliam how can you write and describe with so much passion and ease ? Do you have any tips for somebody who wants to be a future writer? This source was very useful by the way thanks.

  18. Hi Jack:
    I hope you are well. Thank you for your kind comment. I do have some small tips on writing.

    Number one is being able to deal with failure and rejection as you start out on your career. Stephen King said he had a nail in the wall full of rejection slips. When the nail was too small to hold them, he put a spike in the wall instead and kept writing.

    Number two is to keep your ass in your chair until the job is done. Set yourself writing goals and don’t be happy until they are completed. Writing is hard work. Don’t fool yourself by thinking otherwise.

    Number three is this: Good writers borrow. Great writers steal. Gravitate towards the most interesting people and copy their conversations into a notebook: copy their jokes, their mannerisms and their physical actions. You now have the central character for a novel!

    Hope it goes well for you, Jack. ‘Bye for now. Liam.

  19. good best for my writing

  20. Hello, I just wanted to say that I love what you are writing and I hope you keep up the great work. By the way I have two question… First, are you an actual author or just a blogger? Second, do you have any books other than the ones mentioned above?

  21. Hi there:
    Thanks for leaving a comment. I suppose that I’m an author first and a blogger a distant second. I’m self-published so I can put up any information from my books that I want. I’m working on a fantasy novel at the moment and hope to have it finished by September. Hope that answers the questions to your satisfaction. Cheers for taking the time to comment. ‘Bye for now. Liam.

  22. 👌👌👌👌👌👌

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