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Best English websites


The best English websites show how grading essays is always more enjoyable for a parent or teacher when it is peer corrected first. The golden rule is to let the students critique each other for mistakes while the educator acts as the guiding hand, providing structure and encouragement. In this way, the student should not become disillusioned or suffer self-esteem problems. All students should be encouraged to read out their work, preferably in front of their peers. All the positive aspects of the work should be listed on a pad as they are reading. What was the best image, the best phrase etc? Their friends or classmates should then assess the grammar, punctuation etc. before it is presented for correction. When it has been corrected by the teacher, it should then be redrafted by the student. Underneath are a basic and a more detailed grid for students and teachers.


PLOT 20%




STRUCTURE Using different narrative ‘voices’ or styles. Paragraph structure clear and organised. The sequence of ideas should be pre-planned. There should be a flow to the story.
PLOT A good ‘hook’ sentence. The reader should be engaged from start to finish. Has ‘flashback’ or ‘stream-of-thought’ been used? There should be a twist at the end and a good ‘unhook’ sentence.
CREATIVITY Using ‘pulse’ or ‘wow’ words for greater impact. Unique ideas and original phraseology. The story should contain memorable characters. A range of devices should be used: metaphors, assonance etc.
ATMOSPHERE Catapulting the reader into your world. Using plenty of colours and sounds. It should elicit a personal response from the reader: joy, anger, outrage etc. Are ‘zoom narration’ and ‘laser-beam attention to detail’ present?
MECHANICS The syntax should be varied but never too long. The grammar should be free of slang terms. The spellings should always be peer corrected first. The punctuation should be peer corrected first.


For much more of the above, please check out my workbook Writing with Stardust or click any of the book covers below.













22114535_Cover Proof.4766065-page1





22164318_Cover Proof.4766065-page-001


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