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This post is a collection of some of the best sentences from 10 of my blog posts. They can also be found in my new book ‘Writing with Stardust’. To see the book and its accompanying workbook, just click the title: Writing with Stardust.

I hope you enjoy the post and I will upload another selection soon. With luck the sentences will inspire ideas for your writing. Take care for now. Liam.


1. It was womb quiet by the stream and even the moth-flutter had died down.

2. Pebbles whisked about in the underwash like little pieces of glitter.

3. A galaxy of dragonflies fizzed through the beams of light, wings a-glirr in the magical space between river and air.


1. The river was a fragile, universe-blue colour, like the subtle sweep of a painter’s brush.

2. The trout arced into the air, his body glistening, performing the ballet of the river. With a plunking sound, he darted back to the shadowed depths, his catch already safe in his spotted belly.

3. The mist faded, allowing the Technicolor of nature to be turned up like a light switch.


1. The autumn sky was as bright as Zeus’ eyes. Nary a cloud blemished its bliss-blue complexion and the sun was like a glowing medallion pinned to a sheet of white paper.

2. Branched lightning lit up the Stygian sky. It was like liquid, golden ore streaks were being forged into forks above my head.

3. Wriggling and writhing with the pain of its existence, it flashed once, glossy and polished, like the cold, gold prongs of the Apocalypse.


1. The fire’s lambent light stole away the velvet-black shadows dancing on the wall.

2. Thyme-filled turkeys sizzled on the oven foil.

3. An angel was perched on top of the tree, glittering with its flash-silver lustre.


1. The emptiness in my soul matches the spiritless sky and the featureless waterscape around me.

2. I am floundering in a sea of divine-blue quicklime and there’s no escape.

3. The moon casts down splinters of Solomon-gold, making the sea-crests sparkle like elf light.


1. Fog-tinted fairy trees stand alone in fields, noosed by coils of dragon breath.

2. Owl light replaces daylight as autumn comes to a close. The seething energy of the forest becomes vow silent as promises to nature are kept.

3. A weak pitter-patter is heard, but is not the sound of children’s feet. It is the centuries-old, hissing drip of raindrops in caves.


1. The horizon seemed to be stitched with a line of silver.

2. The seagulls wheeled and arced, their raucous cries ringing off the cliff. There was a strange glamour to their timeless call as they soared between the wands of God-goldened light.

3. A single yacht bobbed and lolled in the incoming tide, like a toy in a bath. Its lights winked saucily as the wave-crests rose gently.


1. A broad span of Tuscany-blue sky was slashed above the lake, making it appear like nature’s amphitheatre.

2. Tolkein-esque ferns swayed beside a brook that spiralled down from a turf moor.

3. At the bottom, smooth-edged stones glowed amber with a witchery uncommon to the modern world.


1. Spring is glee. It’s a fizzy tonic, like a slowly overflowing bottle of bubbling joy.

2. Thumb-plump bumblebees, wings a-thrum, loot from honeypots of mustard-yellow flowers.

3. Overhead, an exodus of banished birds appears as if out of a Celtic fairytale.


1. A sol-fa of song erupts as the stars fade away, the ancient alchemy of the dawn chorus.

2. The perpetual skies of summer are buckled with clouds and they flare up in a luminous, neon-blue when the mood takes them.

3. A goulash of scents twirls above the satin soft petals and the pear sweet taste in the air is a blessed joy.

Now here are 10 of my favourite words to use in an essay on nature. Some words just ‘do’ it for you. Having said that, they have a pleasing sound also. This is called a ‘phonoaesthetic’ quality. I had to put in ‘wood sorrel’. For some reason, it’s always fascinated me. Maybe it is because it’s an edible plant. Anyway, here are the words. You can also look up my hundred favourite words to use in an essay by clicking here:


1. languorous-

2. thaumaturgy

3. incarnadine

4. magnetism

5. sorbet

6. opaline

7. arcipluvian

8. phosphorescence

9. cosmic

10. wood sorrel

(……and my favourite word of all time is frazil-silver. Frazil is the old word for the ice crystals tumbling down a mountain stream.)  It’s difficult to beat that.

To get the most comprehensive descriptive book on the market, click here and all will be revealed: Writing with Stardust.

I hope you enjoyed the post.



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  1. give the full version

  2. the lake resembled a blue diamond nestling in mother natures hand

  3. That’s a really nice metaphor for the lake that you used. Thanks for the comment and I hope to keep uploading posts like this. Cheers for now. Liam.

  4. This website was amazing I used it to help In school and it was marvelous then the sentences just impressed me

  5. Hi Miranda:
    I hope you are well. I’m delighted you are finding the site useful and that you are getting value from the site. Thanks for the encouraging comment and I wish you the best. Liam.

  6. Thank You soo much….it helped alot

  7. You are very welcome, Hannah. It’s very nice of you to take the time to post a favourable comment. I wish you the best with your descriptive writing and hope you keep well. Cheers. Liam.

  8. its very effective in my compo

  9. Hi Junkai:
    Hope you are well. Thanks for the comment and I hope it helped your essay. Take care. Liam.

  10. so intresting. it helped a lot and thx. got an A on my essay

  11. Hi Jenny:
    How are you? Thanks very much for taking the time to comment and I’m delighted that the post helped you get an A. Cheers for now and be well. Liam.

  12. Thank you so much.! As I’m doing my IGCSEs right now and it’s very tough to write one descriptive writing. By the way, a sample descriptive writing could be a great application to this!

  13. Hi Nikki:
    I hope you are well. Thanks for the constructive comment and I will add a sample passage to the post tonight or tomorrow. Cheers for your input and keep well. Liam.

  14. wow!incredible! Thanks for what you’ve done! It helps a lot!

  15. Hi Wendy:
    I hope you are well. Thanks very much for the enthusiastic comment and I’m glad it helped you. Keep well. Liam.

  16. thank you for this amazing page. these aren’t cliche but well thought out. this is going to help me heaps. (-:

  17. I love this page its really helping me for preparing descriptive essays , as I am doing my GCSE exams .Thanks loads.

    • Hi Samiha:
      I hope you are well. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I wish you the very best in your GCSE’s. I have no doubt you will thrive with your positive attitude. ‘Bye for now. Liam.

  18. You have the most beautiful way with words. Every single one of those sentences were so perfectly crafted. This page really inspires me to write.

    • Hi student:
      How are you? Thanks for the lovely comment and it’s very gratifying. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I will keep uploading more like this one. Cheers for now and keep well. Liam.

  19. The illuminating, golden sunset bathed the rows of glimmering soldiers in fluorescent Rays of light.

  20. Hi Arcane:
    I hope you are well. That’s a very beautiful sentence. Thanks for contributing and keep well. Cheers. Liam.

  21. This is helpful. Thanks to this 🙂

  22. Hi Jacky:
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on the blog post. Hope all is well and thanks again. Liam.

  23. OMG this helped me soooo much!!!

  24. Hi Allira:
    I hope you are well. Thanks for the kind comment and I’m delighted the post helped you. Cheers for now. Thanks. Liam.

  25. thanx a lot

  26. Hi Amitesh:
    Thank you also for taking the time to post a comment. Be well. ‘Bye for now. Liam.

  27. such beauty in the words. wow , its art

  28. Hi Jenail:
    I hope you are well. Thanks for the lovely compliment and I’m delighted you enjoyed the sentences so much . Cheers for now and a Merry Christmas to you. Liam.

  29. brilliant and graphic. i love it. 🙂 asking you permission to use some of these words on my writing as well. thank you, sir. best grace!

  30. Hi ahdielyn:
    I hope you are well. Thanks for the kind comment. Of course you can use them as long as you don’y intend to publish them in a journal, book etc. Thanks again for the comment and be well. Cheers for now. :Liam.

  31. Thank you so so so much. I’m a blogger too and your site has helped me frame sentences with complete accuracy and in very less time. I have board exams coming up too, for my English, I’m just going to study from here.

  32. Hi sereneskies:
    Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment. Delighted that the post helped and I wish you the very best. Cheers for now. Liam.

  33. Hey, thank you very much for all these descriptive writings, you are my inspiration. Can you please help me to describe a long wait? I desperately need your help.

    I would be glad if you accept my request. Thank you very much once again.

  34. Hey, I really loved this website, I’m 13 and I’m doing descriptive writing in school right now, and here is something I did.
    “The young boy struggled to pull in the monstrous catfish out of the deep green river, as his muscles tensed, his dark brown hair dripping with sweat, and finally, he conquers the beast known as “The on that cannot be caught”.”

  35. Hi Jesse:
    I hope you are well. That is an excellent sentence for someone your age and I’m very impressed. It looks like you have a future in writing if you have the desire to do so. Thanks for the nice comment. Cheers for now. Liam.

  36. Dis is epic

  37. wounderful this is!

  38. p

  39. thanks

  40. are your books for gcse? A level?

  41. Hi Bob:
    Hope you’re well. Afraid not. Blue-Sky Thinking was designed for the new JUnior Cycle English course in Ireland. Writing with Stardust is worth dipping into for any level of descriptive writing, though. Hope this clarifies things. Cheers for now. Liam.

  42. Hiya,
    Sorry but i think some of these ideas are taken from other websites who published earlier then you so please can we start being a little original x

  43. Just a comment on the word original – “It is said that, actually there is nothing called original. The take away of this statement is that, in the making of all the so called original works… in between or in the beginning or towards the end… there will definitely instances that are actually an offshoot of the writers experience…something which has already happened. The same has been molded to suit the text being worked upon. In fact, there is a literary element where in you simple take a cue from the existing text and imitate. Of course the logic is to create something new and original… but the question remains to what extent it remains original. — Rajesh Madhavan

    Rajesh Madhavan
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  46. Wow amazing

  47. Hi Mark:
    Thanks for the kind comment. Much appreciated. Cheers for now. Liam.

  48. I am just a kid but I found this website very useful for school. I like this website. Whoever made this , thank you berry much!!!(like my joke???) It helped me A LOT!!!

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