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The best creative writing books inspire ideas in a writer. I’m hoping that my descriptive writing book can do the same. I categorised ‘Writing with Stardust’ in 5 different Levels of ability and below there are sample sentences from all five Levels, starting with the most advanced. I hope you enjoy them and, hopefully, the sentences will make you think about the different ways of expressing ideas.

1. The mist gave us a hint that we were still in the nether world between night and day. It lingered over the river like a phantom’s veil. Soundless, voiceless and soulless, it slowly slid away.    LEVEL 5- RIVERS

2. Above it, the sky leered down at us with a manacle-grey hue, like an ashen face. It seemed to compress down upon our minds, such was its throttling effect. Our hearts became heavy as both sky and mountain entombed us with an alien emptiness.    LEVEL 5- MOUNTAINS

3. We realised that we were standing in the gateway of paradise. The siren call of the sea was soothing, the wave music welcome. It was like being wrapped in comforting cellophanes of warm sounds and soft light.    LEVEL 4- BEACHES

4. Wagtails were bobbing and dipping on a rock, foraging for juicy flies. The tip of the rock pierced the rhapsody-pool like the upturned nose of a dwarf. Run off water tingled the rock as it seeped away, distilled as pure and clear as an angel’s tears.    LEVEL 4-WATERFALLS

5. Out on the lake, flopping trout were slapping the surface. They were hoping to catch one of the squadron of flies that buzzed about. The heaven-leaking light added a golden tint to the face of the lake and it was paradise.    LEVEL 3-LAKES

6. Plinking and pattering off the leaves, then fading into memory, the rain energized the flora. It left behind a world baptized and rebirthed by its liquid grace. Song thrushes trilled as the spectre-silver moon began to wane and the fog of flowers in the meadow slowly revealed itself. We could smell their aromas hovering in the air.  SPRING-LEVEL 3

7. The night sky was juniper-purple. The sound of intoning bees filled the air. The stars were glowing like beacons for the lost souls of the world. A feathered medley echoed through the trees. The garlic smell of ramsons drifted through the air.    SUMMER-LEVEL 2

8. The blazing-brown dome of leaves gave off a nice glow. Owls haunted and hunted through moon-splashed trees. We were spooked by their swivelling heads and lamp round eyes. A perfumery of scents hazed through the forest. The ravishing taste of freshly baked bread stayed in our memories.    AUTUMN- LEVEL 2

9. The empty skies were silent. BARREN SKIES

Winter squeezes everything to death. CHOKING WINTER

Peppery scents filled the room. SMELL

Our quivering bodies were cold. SENSATION

The seasoned vegetables were delicious. TASTE          WINTER-LEVEL 1


10. He had serpentine eyes. ANIMAL EYES

2. They were flaming with hatred. EVIL EYES

3. He had wintry eyes. COLD EYES

4. His voice was as lonely as a tomb. HEARTLESS VOICE

5. He had a greasy voice. SNAKY VOICE                   MONSTERS-LEVEL 1

‘WRITING WITH STARDUST’ by Liam O’ Flynn is now available to buy on Amazon.

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The ‘WRITING WITH STARDUST WORKBOOK’ by Liam O’ Flynn is now available to buy on Amazon also.
















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