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Hello all. School is back and my break is over. I’ve been working on a new book that’s not as advanced as ‘Blue-Sky Thinking’. It’s the prequel, so to speak. Tonight, I’m uploading the solutions to the book for teachers to use.

Over the next week, I will upload the ‘fill-in-the blanks’ workbook. This is a book I would use in class myself and might be useful for Ist years in secondary school (i.e. 11-12-year-olds).

I hope it may give some ideas on descriptive writing as a ‘platform’ book for students.

Hopefully, you may find some of the ideas in it interesting. Apologies in advance if pages or words are thrown out in any way. I find the new Windows will put in errors where they shouldn’t be.

Thanks to all those who follow my blog and I will also put up an extract from a fantasy novel I am working on in the next few days. I hope to have it finished by Christmas.

Just click on the link below to access the book.

Cheers for now. Liam.


Blue-Sky Thinking 1














22114535_Cover Proof.4766065-page1


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  1. Lovely!

  2. Hi rohini:
    I hope you are well. Thanks for taking the time to leave a noce comment. Cheers for now. Liam.

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  4. Good Day Sir Liam. I just want to say thank you for this wonderful blog of yours. I just started writing last 2016. Every lesson that you shared on this site helped me a lot on my my writings. I’m wondering if you had written any literary works or novel? I hope that I’ll be able to read them too. Keep it up! Kudos to you!

    Your fan from the Philippines,

  5. Hi Jocelyn:
    Hoping you are well. Thanks very much for the considerate comment and I’m delighted you have taken up writing. At the moment, I’m working on a Young Adult fantasy novel and I hope to have it out at the end of this year. I’m working on it a lot lately and it uses the techniques I write about in my blog. Thanks again for commenting and I wish you the best with your own writing. Hope this answered your question. Cheers for now. Liam.

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