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Describing a Beautiful Woman worksheets   2 comments

These free worksheets describing a beautiful woman are taken from the book ‘Blue-Sky Thinking’. This book is for sale on Amazon but is also available below for free.

To access it, just click here:

Describing Females Worksheet

The solutions to the worksheets and some mild advice on lesson plans are also provided.

I hope you enjoy the challenge of filling them in and you can click the book covers below for more information on Liam’s books. It will take you into the Amazon bookstore.

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Describing A Beautiful Woman   72 comments

This entry should be the ultimate guide to describing a beautiful woman. Up to now, I’ve concentrated on nature. Students and teachers or parents need the ability to add a character to stories, however.

The full 2 chapters from the book describing a beautiful woman can now be viewed free in PDF by clicking here:


‘Writing with Stardust’, now on Amazon, has an incredible amount of detail in 5 different levels. It is the ultimate descriptive guide for a student or teacher and there is also a spelling workbook.

Just click on any of the book images at the bottom of the post to get into the Amazon website.


                                                   RED HAIR


LEVEL 1         LEVEL 2         LEVEL 3         LEVEL 4         LEVEL 5          OTHERS

mercury-red hair magma-red hair ruby-red hair solferino-red hair vermeil-red hair
molten-red hair lava-red hair rouge-red hair Titian-red hair vermilion-red hair

1. Her hair was mercury-red and it tumbled over her shoulders.

2. Her hair was magma-red and it crashed over her shoulders.

                                                   BLACK HAIR

midnight-black hair kohl-black hair coral-black hair sable-black hair vulcanite-black hair
 ebony-black hair moon shadow-black hair cobalt-black hair maw-black hair obsidian-black hair

1. Her hair was midnight-black and it flowed over her shoulders.

2. Her hair was kohl-black and it plunged over her shoulders.

                                              SWEET LIPS

honey sweet lips strawberry sweet lips sugar sweet lips cherry sweet lips nectar sweet lips
syrup sweet lips saccharine sweet lips sugar candy sweet lips melon sweet lips sherbet sweet lips

1. She had honey sweet lips. They were lilac soft.

2. She had saccharine sweet lips. They were blossom soft.


a cheerful personality a bubbly personality an elegant personality a demure personality a winning  personality
a joyous personality a bouncy personality a ladylike personality a genteel personality an infectious personality

1. She had a cheerful character.

2. She had a bubbly outlook.


grungy vibrant chic voguish cosmopolitan
gothic kidult retro fluoro naff

1. She wore gothic clothes in a rebellious way.

2. She wore kidult clothes in an offbeat way.
1. She had a shapely figure. FIGURE
2. It was imp-thin. BODY
3. She was wasp-waisted. WAIST
4. She had glossy skin. COMPLEXION
5. She had slender eyebrows. EYEBROWS
6. Her eyelashes were velvety. EYELASHES
7. She had sea-nymph ears. EARS
8. She had a dainty nose. NOSE
9. She had shiny, halo-white teeth. TEETH
10. Her fingernails were varnished. FINGERNAILS
11. Her hair was molten-red. RED HAIR
12. Her hair was ebony-black. BLACK HAIR
13. Her hair was sunrise-gold. GOLD HAIR
14. She had coils of leaf-brown hair. BROWN HAIR
15. She had rapture-blue eyes. BLUE EYES
16. She had pouting lips. SHAPE OF LIPS
17. She had syrup-sweet lips. SWEET LIPS
18. She had a joyous personality. PERSONALITY
19. She had a soothing voice. SWEET VOICE
20. She wore grungy clothes. CLOTHES

She had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. Her waist was tapered and she had a burnished complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow-black hair. Her enticing, constellation-blue eyes gazed at me over her puffy, heart shaped lips. Her lips tasted strawberry sweet when I kissed her. She had a bouncy personality and a sugary voice, which I adored. Not content to be just another drone, she wore vibrant clothes.

I first met her on a holiday to an exotic country. The moons delicate light had just turned the world a-flame with silver when I saw her. She had a comely figure which was stem-thin. Her curvilinear waist didn’t surprise me as much as the saffron tint to her complexion. She must be a native, I thought to myself. Her crescent shaped eyebrows inclined slightly as she saw me staring at her. I yelped at being caught. Her languid eyelashes of velvet-black blinked once slowly, as if to invite me over.
When I came closer, I noticed her scrolled ears and her elegant nose. She nuzzled me with her nose and I couldn’t believe it. It was the custom for her people, I reckoned. It was love at first light. Her luminous, heavenly-white teeth flashed as she pawed at me with her film star nails. Her hair was a glorious tumble of star beam-gold and her virility-brown eyes set my heart a-thump. Her oxbow lips positively drooled with goodness. Oh! Those sugar candy-sweet lips, her elegant personality, all mesmerized me. She may not have had a saccharine voice or retro clothes, but what do you expect when two Labrador pups meet in a dog pound?

Her Amazonian figure sat well on her wafer-thin body. She had a decanter shaped waist and her complexion had an impeccable, ochrous hue. Her pencil-thin eyebrows eased down gently to her black, beetle’s-leg eyelashes. A sculptor could not have fashioned her seraph’s ears and pixie’s nose any better.
When she broke into a smile, her beguiling, oyster-white teeth lit up the room. It could jolt you like an electric current when that megawatt smile gave you her full attention. Filed to perfection, her Venus-red fingernails ran through her nougat-brown hair. Spools of it plunged around her photogenic face and hid a swan’s neck, elegant and smooth. I loved her nebulous, Eden-green eyes which were a-sparkle with the ‘joie de vivre’. They were like two beryl-green jewels melted onto snow.
Her calamine-pink lips tasted like rose petals. It surprised me that they were plump and botox-boosted as she had a demure, timorous personality. She whispered to me in a dulcet voice as sweet as any songbird. Her voguish clothes still kept captive an aroma redolent of cinnamon and meadow-fresh mint. It lingered in the room long after she had gone.

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For much more of the above in 5 different levels, please check out my book Writing with Stardust.

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