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The ideal birthday or Christmas present for a teenager, teacher or English lover!

‘WRITING WITH STARDUST’ by Liam O’ Flynn is now available to buy on Amazon.

Please check out  Writing with Stardust by clicking the book title or book image.










The ‘WRITING WITH STARDUST WORKBOOK’ by Liam O’ Flynn is now available to buy on Amazon.

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You can take a free peep inside each book just by clicking the book images and re-clicking them when you are in the Amazon website.

Each book comes in 5 different levels of ability. It is ideal to guide a student through his or her entire secondary/high school experience. It is also a very useful reference guide for professional writers as Levels 4 and 5 can be very complex.





‘Writing with Stardust’ is a unique book as nearly all the words in the book are put into context in a sentence. It has sentences for Level 1, paragraphs for Level 2 and 3 and essays for Levels 4 and 5. If you love the beauty of the world but would like to describe it in the manner it deserves, this is the book for you. It contains over 58,000 words from the basic to the complex and few, if any, are repeated. Each chapter is completely different.

That is why the book has a special quality which is earning it plaudits from its readers. Every aspect of nature is covered, from mountains to lakes and lightning to mist. It also has battle scenes, the seasons, haunted forests, the sun, moon and stars and how to describe beautiful women and handsome men in detail. It specializes in using the 5 senses and the 200 most beautiful descriptive words at the end of the book are magical.


The workbook is designed not just to improve spellings but a student’s planning skills with paragraphs and essays. It contains advice on how to think about descriptions using an ‘artist’s eye’. There are over 500 colours to fill in, all the five senses are present and it deals with using texture in a passage also. Diary entries, using emotions and ‘zoom narration’ are catered for also. In short, this workbook encourages students to think about structure and planning.

It joins up the dots between creativity and ordered thinking in a fun and easy to use way. Underneath each grid are two blank sentences waiting for a child’s imagination to emerge. Everything else is in a ‘fill in the blanks’ format. That is why it is the ideal workbook for parents and teachers to help a child become an effective and passionate learner with the minimum of fuss.

22114535_Cover Proof.4766065-page1

‘Blue-Sky Thinking’ is available to buy on Amazon from the 23rd May 2014.

‘Blue-Sky Thinking’ is a workbook designed for the modern classroom. It places a heavy emphasis on critical thinking skills and the development of a creative mind.

Written for 11-16-year-olds, it enables students to enjoy the learning process while accelerating their development as students of life. It encourages the individual to compose life maps, personal mission statements, nutrition targets and mindfulness goals. It also features a lot of descriptive lessons, monthly revision exercises, composition work and quotes on living well.

The technical aspects of English are covered comprehensively with punctuation, grammar and tense work throughout. These are approached in a student-friendly way and use mnemonics to make it easier for both student and teacher.

One of the greatest assets of this book is that it has 8 monthly modules based around a theme and each module has individual lessons. This helps the student and teacher to look ahead and discuss what will be required in the short, medium and long-term.

The poetry module takes the ‘petry-fy’ out of poetry and has a unique formula for great poetry that the student will find invaluable. It encourages the student to look for patterns and turns him/her into a poetry detective for a day.

‘Blue-Sky Thinking’ throws down a challenge for the student while making the teacher’s life so much easier. All the answers to these workbook exercises are in the ‘Teachers’ Guide’. This enables the teacher to be one step ahead at all times while the students are active participants in their own progress.

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  1. Hi Liam,

    I would like to purchase a class set of your books for my students (16). Is there a way of purchasing this quantity with yourself? Thanks,

    Michael Le-Baigue
  2. Hi Mike:
    Just saw the e-mail now as it’s not linked to my phone. Apologies. I asked Amazon that when I first put the book on, in particular if there could be a group discount. They said no at the time and are still saying no! Thanks for the interest in the books. A lot of class groups seem to be buying it at the moment. Wish I could do more and if there’s anything you can think of give me a shout. Thanks again for the interest and I hope your students like the book. Cheers for now. Liam.

  3. I’m so grateful having such a beautiful descriptive writing on rain. Definitely, it would be helpful for my exam.

    Wish you best of luck for online help .

    Kind regards
    Munira Swapna

  4. Hi Munira:
    Hoping you are well. Thanks for the kind comment and best of luck in your exam. Cheers for now. Liam.

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