Best horror sentences: monsters, mist, deserts, dark forests and thunder and lightning.   4 comments

These are a random selection of sentences and paragraphs from the book ‘Writing with Stardust’. They are the for the light horror/fantasy genre in case you need to do an assignment on them. Whether student or teacher, I hope they help. At the least, I hope they give you some much-needed inspiration!

One piece of advice I will give is this; NEVER listen to people who tell you not to link dark, misty or gloomy weather to a battle scene. If you want to conjure up a dark world, turn down the light bulb and make your audience/readers fear the monsters who bring the dark light with them. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

The other piece of advice I will give to students is this: “Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken.” (quote from Oscar Wilde)

I hope you enjoy the post.

Just click on the PDF document below for a selection of Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 sentences, paragraphs and essays.


Best horror sentences


If you want further information on ‘Writing with Stardust’ and Liam’s other books, just click on the book images below.










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4 responses to “Best horror sentences: monsters, mist, deserts, dark forests and thunder and lightning.

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  1. Hello, Mr Flynn! I have a question, I’ve just purchased your books ‘Writing With Stardust’ and its accompanying workbook, alongside your other book ‘Blue-Sky Thinking’. See for the workbook, is there a way I can get all the answers of the fill-in-the-blanks, so that I know what I’m doing right and all that?

    • Hi there: I hope you are well. The answers to the workbook are in ‘Writing with Stardust’ itself. All the grids match those in the book. Thank you very much for purchasing the books. I don’t have the answers for ‘Blue-Sky Thinking’ but the Teachers’ Guide is available free on my website and I think it may have the answers. If you need anything else please don’t hesitate to ask me. Thanking you. Liam.

      On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 7:27 PM Best Descriptive Writing Sites wrote:


      • OMG! Thank you so much, Liam! I truly appreciate it! OMG, I feel honoured that you just replied to me. I really like your description btw, they just transport me into a new world and I’ve learned so much from them! Have a lovely, Mr Flynn!

      • Also, Sir, would you ever write another book similar to ‘Writing With Stardust’ and could you possibly do a few more grids like your ‘100 magical words to use in an essay?’


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