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‘Blue-Sky Thinking’ is available to buy on Amazon from the 23rd May 2014. Just click on the book images to get a free look at the book content in the Amazon website.

I am uploading the full book free for English teachers to germinate ideas and get a flavour of what the JCSA might look like. As it is such a generic course, this is only one possible vision.


To download or view the full book free in Microsoft Word, click here: BLUE-SKY THINKING

To download or view the Teachers’ Guide with the solutions in Word: Teachers’ Guide


To view the full book in PDF, click here: BLUE-SKY THINKING

To view the Teachers’ Guide in PDF, click: Teachers’ Guide




‘Blue-Sky Thinking’ is a workbook designed for the modern classroom. It places a heavy emphasis on critical thinking skills and the development of a creative mind.

Written for 11-16-year-olds, it enables students to enjoy the learning process while accelerating their development as students of life. It encourages the individual to compose life maps, personal mission statements, nutrition targets and mindfulness goals. It also features a lot of descriptive lessons, monthly revision exercises, composition work and quotes on living well.

The technical aspects of English are covered comprehensively with punctuation, grammar and tense work throughout. These are approached in a student-friendly way and use mnemonics to make it easier for both student and teacher.

One of the greatest assets of this book is that it has 8 monthly modules based around a theme and each module has individual lessons. This helps the student and teacher to look ahead and discuss what will be required in the short, medium and long-term.

The poetry module takes the ‘petry-fy’ out of poetry and has a unique formula for great poetry that the student will find invaluable. It encourages the student to look for patterns and turns him/her into a poetry detective for a day.

‘Blue-Sky Thinking’ throws down a challenge for the student while making the teacher’s life so much easier. All the answers to these workbook exercises are in the ‘Teachers’ Guide’. This enables the teacher to be one step ahead at all times while the students are active participants in their own progress.

‘Blue-Sky Thinking: Teachers’ Guide’ is available to buy on Amazon from May 23rd, 2014.

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‘Blue-Sky Thinking: Teachers’ Guide’ is a book for the modern teacher. It starts with 60 free lesson plans. This covers the months of September and October for the teacher, even if you are teaching 6 classes a week. The rest of the months have pre-prepared lesson plans. The teacher simply has to fill in the lesson plans in the book.

This is a book designed to make the teacher’s life as comfortable as possible. Nearly every lesson has a recommended internet site or audio-visual aid to augment each lesson. These were chosen with great care and will save you hundreds of hours looking for the best sites to visit.

It gives invaluable tips on current teaching philosophies and explores the key areas of fluid, critical and conceptual intelligences. It also shows how to adapt your teaching methodology to help the myriad intelligence groups in your class to flourish. It will show them how patterns are a crucial part of English and it will enable them to maximise their potential in a changing school and work environment.

All the solutions you require to the workbook are within and it will help you prepare for the school year with a minimum of fuss. There are blank Monthly and Yearly plans to fill in if you wish to cherry-pick the lessons you are prioritizing. All told, there are very few books as pro-teacher, generic and all-encompassing as this Teachers’ Guide is.

3 responses to “Junior Cycle Student Award English books

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  1. Love the title pages for both books.
    Well done.
    Another book that could come in handy.

    • Hi Philip: How are you? Thanks for the vote of support. I enjoyed writing them but they broke my heart also. I’m actually thinking of uploading the two books onto the net for free. I just wanted to help out the teachers by writing it. Will give you the heads up on that first if I decide to. Thanks again for the support. Top man. Cheers. Liam.

      On Sat, May 17, 2014 at 9:07 AM, Best Descriptive Writing Sites wrote:


      • I’m OK.
        Loads of translating and teaching at the moment.
        No time to write my books!
        Selling the book for free!
        Wow! Are you serious.
        I’d really think about it before you do something so drastic.
        Perhaps you should look into marketing the books. I’m not sure how you are getting people interested, building up your following and readership.
        Do you use Twitter? Perhaps offer certain units from the book as an incentive to teachers?
        I only found yo because I was “googling” for interesting writing sites.
        Could you adapt your book for TEFL courses? It would be a thought.
        I write my own material for teaching foreign students: it’s hard work: I adapt the books I use to the companies I teach at. There is never one solution for satisfying the needs of students, especially when it comes to business English.
        I’m not really familiar with the controversy going on at the moment – I rarely watch TV. I’ll check out BBC world news online see what they say.

        Talk soon.

        Good luck!


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