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Underneath is a link with 30 free lesson plans for the JCSA English course. It is from ‘Blue-Sky Thinking’ and its accompanying ‘Teachers’ Guide’ by Liam O’ Flynn. Just click the link below that says ‘September Lesson Plans’ and you will get a PDF document. If you click any of the book images, they will take you into the Amazon.co.uk website where you can get further information on the books.

I hope you enjoy the post and get some ideas for the JCSA from the 2 books, ‘Blue-Sky Thinking’ and the accompanying ‘Teachers’ Guide’. They are available to view (and photocopy pages if you wish) below in Microsoft Word and PDF.


September Lesson Plans


The full book in Microsoft Word can be accessed here: BLUE-SKY THINKING

The accompanying Teachers’ Guide with the solutions: Teachers’ Guide


The full book in PDF can be accessed here: BLUE-SKY THINKING

The Accompanying Teachers’ Guide in PDF: Teachers’ Guide





22114535_Cover Proof.4766065-page1




22164318_Cover Proof.4766065-page-001



























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